4wk online course designed for you to write & finish your very first Picture Book Manuscript

Starting April 3rd • Limited Spots Available

  • Personal Feedback

    Every week during the course Scott will create & send you a personal feedback video based on your weekly submissions - designed to help you finish the course with the best manuscript possible.

  • Weekly Assignments

    This course is designed to get you writing - and actually completing your first picture book, through weekly focused tasks that end in a completed manuscript.

  • Weekly In-Depth Recorded Lessons

    Watch in your own time and learn exactly how Scott thinks about story structure, idea generation & development, theme inclusion, character creation, beginning hooks and much much more.

  • Weekly Zoom Q&A

    Join Scott live on Zoom each week to answer your burning questions (you can submit questions beforehand & watch the recording if unable to attend).

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & Introduction

    2. How to Submit Homework & Writing Tasks

    1. Lesson: Ideas (The Good, The Bad & The Undeveloped)

    2. Writing Task: Your First (Fast & Bad) Picture Book

    3. Homework: Developing Your Idea

    4. Weekly Zoom Q&A

    1. Lesson: Characters, Quests & Really Bad Drafts

    2. Writing Task: Rhyme vs Prose

    3. Homework: Refining Your Idea & Outlining

    4. Weekly Zoom Q&A

    1. Lesson: Beginnings, Endings & Everything In-Between

    2. Writing Task: Writing Emotion

    3. Homework: Writing Your First Draft

    4. Weekly Zoom Q&A

    1. Lesson: A Metaphor For Life (Weaving Themes & Inclusivity Into Your Story)

    2. Writing Task: Rewrite My Bad Draft

    3. Homework: Editing Your Manuscript

    4. Weekly Zoom Q&A

    1. My Journey From Self-Publishing to Agent to Publisher

    2. Finding & Working With An Illustrator (My Tips)

    3. Finding An Agent (My Tips)

    4. Getting Published (My Tips)

About this course

  • $397.00
  • 4 Week Online Course
  • Personal Feedback & Critiques
  • Limited Spots (so I have time to give personal feedback)

Workshop Begins April 3rd

Limited spots available to ensure weekly personal feedback is possible.

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Your Instructor

Scott Stuart

Best-Selling Kids Author

Scott is a best-selling children’s book author who is committed to creating content that empowers young kids. His books have appeared on numerous best-seller lists across the globe, been adapted for the stage and screen, as well as receiving nominations for Children’s Book of the Year & Picture Book of the Year.

His books include My Shadow is Pink, My Shadow is Purple, Alone, Brain is Not Always Right and more.


  • Are the lessons live?

    The weekly lessons are pre-recorded videos that unlock every week during the course (and are then available forever).

  • When does the course start?

    The course begins on April 3rd - that is when the lessons for Week 1 will be available, and every Monday the next week's lessons will be unlocked.

  • How does the personal feedback work?

    During the course, there are mini writing assignments designed to improve your general writing ability (specifically as it relates to picture books), and homework assignments (specifically designed to get you to complete one full picture book during the course). Each week, you will have the ability to upload your assignments - Scott will film a personal video review/feedback/critique for you to access at the end of every week.

  • When is the weekly Zoom Q&A?

    The weekly Zoom Q&A's will be held on Wednesday evenings (Melbourne time) - if you are unable to attend, you can pre-submit questions as the Q&A recording will be uploaded to the course platform each week.